Our Partners

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The Skin Clinic

483 McLaws Circle, Suite 201 • Williamsburg, VA 23185 • 757-564-SKIN(7546) • www.theskinclinic.net

Owner Ruth Robinson provides cutting edge skin care in Williamsburg. She uses Muscle Activation Techniques received at The Pilates Center to keep her working at her most efficient with her clients. She and her team of licensed professionals continually seek advanced training from the best of skin care science, and offer a variety of non-invasive services. If you are concerned about the health and appearance of your skin, give The Skin Clinic a call.

Inner Harmony

Quarterland Commons • 491McLaws Circle, Suite3B • Williamsburg, VA 23185 • 757-220-1392

Meredith Ann Alba, owner, uses pilates exercise and Muscle Activation Techniques to keep her in shape so she can perform massage and energy work on her clients. She is a wonderful massage therapist who is always advancing her education to provide for her clients’ needs. We highly recommend Meredith Ann.

GNC Nutrition Center

4680 Monticello Ave # 18B • Williamsburg, VA 23188 • 757-565-5100

Nancy Atkins, owner, uses Muscle Activation Techniques and pilates on a regular basis to stay physically fit. The staff at GNC is extremely knowledgeable on nutrition, supplementation and fitness in order to keep in optimal health. We recommend you check out GNC for your supplement needs.

Ed Teer Golf Academy

3700 Centerville Road • Williamsburg, VA 23188 • 757-253-0589 • www.edteergolf.com

When Ed Teer, tried his first pilates session he said "I've finally found the perfect exercise that compliments and enhances my golf game. Pilates builds strength while also improving flexibility, balance, core strength and controlled movements. My weekly workouts keep me fresh throughout my days teaching and energized through the end of my round!" If you are a golfer, contact Ed for a quality training program.