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The Benefits of Pilates

Pilate’s exercises vs. weight Training

Pilates focuses on total body integration, working on posture, joint stability, and prime-mover support. This differs greatly from the goals of weight training, which involves building muscles through muscle isolation and exhaustion. Pilates consists of a variety of continuous movements, rather than repeating multiple sets and repetitions of the same exercise. Pilates’ exercises mimic daily task movements and acknowledge the need for spinal stability and movement.

Pilates is all about results! Our exceptionally trained and experienced instructors focus on proper technique so you can achieve these results:

  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Relief from back pain and stress
  • Effective post rehabilitation
  • Relief from neck and shoulder pain through rebalancing muscles
  • Improved muscle definition in the arms, legs, gluteal and abdominal muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Bone strengthening and osteoporosis prevention
Real life results

"My job requires me to stand on my feet all day. Pilates gives me the support I need to strengthen my lower back and core muscles."
Client since August 2009

"I can honestly say that the Pilates has greatly contributed to improving my skiing. I am able to ski all day without being fatigued. I feel 20 years younger."
–Mike Millan
Client since November 2009

"I love to take ballroom Dancing! I take Pilates four times a ---week. Without Pilates I would not have the stamina or flexibility to dance. I have more energy today then I had when I was in my 30’s."
–Joanie Maloney
Client since April 2007

"Exercising at The Pilates Center helps me to balance my golf and exercise. Pilates has increased my strength, gave me greater flexibility and endurance needed to play my best."
–Ed Teer, President of Ed Teer Golf Academy
Client since November 2003

"Pilates is the only exercise program I have been able to stick with. Many years of Fibromyalgia had left me with weak and painful muscles which affected my physical health and my outlook on life. The personalized attention given to me turned things around and in a short time I began to feel better. This change has renewed my hope that I don’t have to spend my future in chronic pain that controls my life. Thank you, Pilates."
–Barbara P.

"Pilates is the perfect way to exercise combining endurance, strengthening, flexibility and stretching. Chronic problems I had with back, shoulder and knee are so much better, they are virtually non-existent. Sessions progress at my pace, are tailor-made, always challenging, fun and interesting with wonderful results. Pilates is a great way to get in shape and feel good."
–Jewel R.

Meet Our Staff

The Pilates Center is staffed with the most experienced and highly trained instructors in the Williamsburg area. read more >>