Pilates Exercises versus Weight Training

Marcia demonstrates a very challenging exercise on the Wunda Chair to strengthen legs while stabilizing the hips.

Pilates focuses on total body integration, working on posture, joint stability, and prime-mover support. This differs greatly from the goals of weight training, which involves building muscles through muscle isolation and exhaustion. Pilates consists of a variety of continuous movements, rather than repeating multiple sets and repetitions of the same exercise. Pilates’ exercises mimic daily task movements and acknowledge the need for spinal stability and movement.

Pilates is all about results! Our exceptionally trained and experienced instructors focus on proper technique so you can achieve these results:

  • Longer, leaner muscles
  • Relief from back pain and stress
  • Effective post rehabilitation
  • Relief from neck and shoulder pain through rebalancing muscles
  • Improved muscle definition in the arms, legs, gluteal and abdominal muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Bone strengthening and osteoporosis prevention