We have many types of pilates equipment, each with its own specialty uses. Combine this equipment with our well-trained instructors, and great results happen.

The Reformer


Used standing, sitting, kneeling, and upside down, with a variety of exercises, including leg circles, pelvic lifts, lunges, rowing exercises, and more. The level of difficulty can be adjusted by changing the amount of resistance provided by the springs.

The Cadillac


The numerous attachments mean that a person can focus on core stability, strength, and flexibility. The equipment can be used by a person recovering from injury, with limited range of motion, or move advanced practitioners who want to challenge themselves.

The Wunda Chair

Wunda Chair

Consists of a padded seat, a foot pedal, and a spring system for resistance. Users can sit, stand, kneel, or lie on the chair while performing a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups, particularly the core, legs, and arms.

Our primary focus at The Pilates Center is providing one-on-one private training sessions specifically designed to meet your needs and abilities. In addition, we have small group classes on our Reformer and Cadillac equipment. This is an option once you have taken 4-10 private sessions, with the guidance of your personal instructor.