It Don't Mean a Thing If You Ain't Got That Swing

Our Pilates for Golfers program will increase your enjoyment of the game with better games and higher scores.

It will help you play more golf without pain, by re-educating poor movement patterns. And pilates will help you develop muscular endurance and strength. If you have a weak core your swing will be compromised — causing you to overwork your hips, shoulders, and neck. None of which is good for you or your game.

Talk with Jo or George if you're game to up your game.

    5 Star Review of The Pilates Center
  • The Pilates Center offers more than meets the eye. My son had a sports related injury and no one could diagnose the exact problem, so no treatments were working. Mary Jane was able to find the exact muscle that was injured and heal it with Muscle Activation Treatment. That combined with Pilates sessions with Jo changed his athleticism in ways that he could not have imagined. As my son put it, “They are the best at what they do!”   Hope C., on Google Reviews